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Terrace WaterProofing

The best way to waterproof a flat terrace is to use waterproofing membrane. This can be a skinny layer of waterproof material that's continuous, and offers no path for water to enter the structure. The membrane is set on high of the structural block.

Exterior Wall WaterProofing

Exterior walls are exposed to rain or high humidness, water and wet will travel through the masonry and have an effect on your internal walls. this implies that your walls might keep damp for a protracted time before drying, which can cause mound growth and irreparable harm.

Inerior Wall WaterProofing

These thick coatings are cement-like; once dry, they adhere for good to concrete and masonry walls. You apply the coating with an important brush created with city bristles a fiber. Waterproofing paint is AN acrylic formula, not all that totally different from standard wall paint.

Wet Area WaterProofing

Waterproofing of wet areas like Toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, Sinks and balconies is crucial on account of the constant use of water. These area unit acrylic-based elastomeric coatings, that shield wet areas from perpetually occurring water leakages.

Podium WaterProofing

Waterproofing the massive span of the arena surface permits higher exposure to weather parts and enlarged vibrations to transport movement, requiring the waterproofing system to be versatile, sturdy and of top quality waterproofing.

Swimming Pool WaterProofing

Waterproofing of the pool is achieved expeditiously by applying a powerful waterproof cement mortar for pool's walls and bottom floor, that acts as a waterproofing and smoothing layer at identical time.


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